CL Design Group | Strategy for Social Impact
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“Social Impact is the effect of an activity on the social fabric of the community & well being of individuals families.” Social


Brand Clarity

Define specific attributes of your brand under the following categories: Voice, Benefit, Value, X-factor, Culture, User.

User Analysis

Detailed user profiles to identify ways in which your brand satisfies and exceeds their needs.


Identifying the priorities to help build strong brand awareness, generate revenue and operate with efficiency.

Value Proposition

Design a framework to create & test a product, service or program for the ideal user/customer.

Brand Mapping

A comprehensive visual document of the entire brand with all segments and its points of connectivity.

Custom Resources

A comprehensive list of resources tailored to your needs to help grow and strengthen your brand presence.

Visual Audit

Review of brand effectiveness and competitive comparison with similar brands.

Brand Maintenance

Monthly maintenance and review of brand presence via digital platforms and print collateral.